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All charm locations and effects in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 features an abundance of collectibles to find if you’d like to see and learn about everything the game has to offer, and some of them can actually come in handy for combat, too. While playing as Saga, you’re going to want to keep your eyes open for charms to find and equip, most of which can be obtained by completing nursery rhymes around each of the game’s three main maps. Below, we’ve listed all of the charms in the game, what effects they provide, and where you can find them.

All charm locations and effects

Logan’s Charm

Effect: Increases your maximum health.

Location: Obtained automatically at the beginning of the game.

Coffee Mug Charm

Effect: Saves you from dying when your health is depleted, but it breaks immediately after.

Locations: There are multiple Coffee Mug Charms in Alan Wake 2.

  • Cauldron Lake – Solve a nursery rhyme near Witchfinder’s Station, then follow the prints on the ground to a bed upstairs.
  • Cauldron Lake – Solve a nursery rhyme in the Rental Cabins area, then check inside Cabin 6.
  • Cauldron Lake – Solve a nursery rhyme near the Ranger Station, then follow the prints on the ground to the bed upstairs.
  • Watery – Solve a nursery rhyme in the northeastern section of the map, then visit the nearby moose statue.
  • Watery – Solve a nursery rhyme in the building behind Suomi Hall, then check the mailbox outside.

Mayor Setter Charm

Effect: Shows all collectibles on the map.

Location: Obtained by visiting Mayor Setter in Watery in Return 6.

Hammer Charm

Effect: Attacks will stagger foes more frequently.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme in the far western section of Cauldron Lake, then checking the picnic table beside the puzzle.

Kalevala Nights Charm

Effect: Increase the duration and area of effect of your Hand Flare.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme at the Private Cabin in Cauldron Lake, then walking north into Streamside to a tree with a fallen birdhouse.

Deer Charm

Effect: Makes it so you’re staggered and interrupted less intensely/frequently.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme near the Radio Tower in Watery, then checking a deer corpse very close to the Radio Tower itself.

Coffee World Token Charm

Effect: Improves the quality and quantity of found resources.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme at the wharf in the Watery trailer park, then checking the fish cleaning station nearby.

Lighthouse Charm

Effect: Increases how much health is restored at Safe Havens.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme at the Watery Lighthouse, then heading north to check the beach near the bridge back to downtown Watery.

Mr. Drippy Charm

Effect: Improves your damage when your health is low.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme at Coffee World’s Latte Lagoon in Watery, then checking the little boat that floats up right after.

FBC Charm

Effect: Increase the damage you deal prior to enemies noticing you.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme outside of the Ranger Cabin in Watery, then checking the bed upstairs.

Deerfest Charm

Effect: Increases time before Darkness Shields regenerate.

Location: Obtained by completing a nursery rhyme at the trailer park in Watery and then checking near the exit of the same trailer.

Lantern Charm

Effect: Adds an extra charge to your flashlight.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme found in the area between Bunker Woods and the Wellness Center in Bright Falls, then following the path back towards Bunker Woods.

Valhalla Nursing Home Charm

Effect: Improves the healing of trauma pads and painkillers.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme at the Ranger Station in Bright Falls, then checking the beach to the northeast.

Anchor Charm

Effect: Grants a chance that your flashlight boost will stun an enemy.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme at the boat yard in Bright Falls, then checking near a boat nearby.

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