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Sling TV adds live scores and more for sports fans

Sling TV app icon on Apple TV.
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Sling TV — the third-largest live streaming service in the U.S. — today announced a handful of new features that touch a wide swath of the Sling experience.

Here’s what users have to look forward to:

Live sports scores are now available for more leagues, including college football and basketball, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. You’ll be able to find team stats, too, including records, seedings, and rankings, as well as live game clocks and scores. And you’ll find more built into the home screen and integrated into the video player, making it all easy to find.

You also can now use your Apple ID to purchase a Sling subscription and manage other purchases and add-ons within the Sling system using Apple Pay.

Sling also has made it easier to immediately subscribe to content recommended through search results, on the home page, or even on other partner platforms.

And user profiles are now available on all devices, so you can personalize your favorite shows, movies, and recordings. An account can have up to five total user profiles, each of which can be individually labeled and color-coded.

“Our top priority at Sling is to provide our customers with the best television experience possible. We want to put people in charge of their entertainment,” Gary Schanman, executive vice president and group president, Dish Video Services, said in a press release. “That means, we look for ways to deliver new innovative functions that elevate the viewing experience and give customers more personalized features and menus allowing them to control what they watch, and how they watch and interact with the information available to them on our service.”

Sling sported just over 2 million subscribers as of October 2023, a little less than half as many as the second-place provider in the U.S., Hulu With Live TV. Sling has a free service that doesn’t even require a user to sign up, and the basic Sling plans start at $40. (With discounts for the first month of service.). Unfortunately, there’s currently no free Sling trial.

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