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Dell’s new UltraSharp monitors have one major innovation

A woman using a laptop connected to a Dell 24 video conferencing monitor.

Dell makes some of the best monitors and it is introducing a fresh lineup designed for office or remote work setups with a major innovation. Expanding its UltraSharp series, the company is launching four new models, all of which come with a faster refresh rate of 120Hz. Typically reserved for gaming monitors or high-end screens, the faster refresh rate is a great sign for monitors, especially on one as cheap as $380.

Furthermore, Dell is debuting the world’s initial 23.8-inch, 27-inch, and 34-inch video conferencing monitors that are certified for both Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The new Dell UltraSharp 24 and UltraSharp 24 USB-C hub monitors will come in full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, alongside the aforementioned 120Hz refresh rate. Both are rated to offer 85% DCI-P3 and 85% sRGB color gamut coverage along with built-in ambient light sensors for auto brightness and color temperature adjustments.

The primary difference between the two is that the USB-C hub variant will offer an additional USB Type-C upstream port which apart from data and video also offers power delivery up to 90W, an extra USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A port, and a built-in RJ45 Ethernet.

Press image of the Dell Ultrasharp 27 Thunderbolt Hub Monitor U2724DE on a blue background.
Dell Ultrasharp 27 Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U2724DE) Dell

Similarly, there are two 27-inch models – the Dell UltraSharp 27 Thunderbolt and the UltraSharp 27. These offer a higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 with 120Hz refresh and improved color gamut coverage (100% sRGB, 95% DCI-P3). As the name suggests, the UltraSharp 27 Thunderbolt will include Thunderbolt downstream and upstream ports, as well as a 2.5-gigabit Ethernet port. Both monitors also support HDMI 2.1 with a 120Hz variable refresh rate.

Both are also said to be the world’s first five-star certified monitors, which is a brand-new industry standard for eye comfort developed by TUV Rheinland. With ‘ComfortView Plus’ the new 27-inch monitors have been upgraded to reduce harmful blue light exposures to less than 35%. There will also be a built-in ambient light sensor allowing the display to automatically adjust screen brightness and color tone setting based on the ambient lighting condition. As the name suggests, the UltraSharp 27 Thunderbolt will include Thunderbolt downstream and upstream ports, as well as a 2.5-gigabit Ethernet port. Both monitors also support HDMI 2.1 with a 120Hz variable refresh rate.

Press image of the Dell 34 Curved Video Conferencing Monitor P3424WEB on a blue background.
Dell 34 Curved Video Conferencing Monitor (P3424WEB) Dell

As for the new video conferencing monitor range, the 24-inch and 27-inch offer almost the same features as the standard UltraSharp models, but with standard 60Hz refresh rate panels. There is also a new 34-inch curved ultrawide monitor that offers a 21:9 aspect ratio and a WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution 60Hz display. Dell says that these monitors come with upgraded conveniences including a better-integrated camera, speakers, and microphones. The highlight is the new 4-megapixel 2K QHD camera that can shoot 1080p videos at 60fps. The camera also comes with additional features like AI auto framing, digital overlap HDR, and video noise reduction. It also offers support for Windows Hello face recognition and for added security, there is a mechanical privacy shutter to manually block the webcam from use.

If you are interested in Dell’s upcoming monitors, you can purchase the UltraSharp series starting November 9. Prices start at $380 for the 24-inch model and $480 for the 27-inch model. The 34-inch curved ultrawide video conferencing monitor is readily available starting at $950. As for the 24-inch variant, it will be available starting November 30 for $510 while the 27-inch model will be coming next month on December 7 starting at $700.

For those who are looking for a display with a much higher resolution, then you should definitely check out Dell’s UltraSharp 32 6K Monitor (U3224KB) which offers an eye-watering resolution of 6144 x 3456.

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