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The Atari logo appears in gold.

Atari’s latest acquisition is a game preservation power play

Atari announced its impending acquisition of Digital Eclipse, the developer behind this year's The Making of Karateka.
young woman playing video games on a PC

Best gaming PC deals: Powerful gaming rigs from just $750

We've gathered our favorite gaming PC deals for you to browse, and if you're interested in any of them, make the purchase immediately before the savings end.
Fortnite Jonesy running from a ghost bride in a dimly lit hallway.

For horror fans, Fortnite is secretly gaming’s best haunted house

Fortnite has a dark secret: It's quietly home to some of the best user-created horror games out today.
why do we love horror games analysis leon facing el gigante in resident evil 4 remake

Why do we love horror games? Psychologists explain our morbid curiosity

Why do we love scaring ourselves in terrifying games? Horror experts break down the psychology of fear.
A 24-inch iMac with Civilization VI running on it.

Apple has everything it needs to dominate gaming — except games

Apple's M3 could be a gaming powerhouse with its redesigned GPU, but there's just one problem: there aren't a ton of games on Mac.
Lenovo Legion Tower Gaming PC on a table.

Early Black Friday deal gets you this RTX 3050 gaming PC for $800

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5i gaming PC is down to $800 in an early Black Friday deal from Best Buy. Don't miss this chance at a dependable gaming PC for cheap.
Kiriko in Overwatch 2

BlizzCon 2023: full live stream schedule and how to watch

BlizzCon 2023 kicks off this weekend for the first time since 2021, and you can watch the festivities live. Here's what's coming and how to catch it.
Saga walks through Coffee World in Alan Wake 2.

All charm locations and effects in Alan Wake 2

There are plenty of charms to find and equip to Saga to grant her unique boons. Here's the full list of charms, where you can each of them, and what they do.
HP Omen 45L sitting on a table.

HP gaming PC with RTX 4070, 1TB SSD is $600 off in early Black Friday deal

The HP Omen 45L gaming desktop, which features the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card and a 1TB SSD, is $600 off from Best Buy, lowering its price to $1,500.
Mayor Setter

How to show all collectibles in Alan Wake 2 with the Mayor Setter Charm

There are so many things to find in Alan Wake 2 that you'd be forgiven for missing plenty of them along the way. Use this charm to make collectible cleanup a breeze!
A runner runs in Marathon.

Destiny 2 studio Bungie hit by layoffs, internal game delays

Bungie laid off several developers today, which will reportedly impact its upcoming releases like Marathon.
Soliders take cover behind a riot shield in a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 promo image.

Modern Warfare 3 preload guide: release time, file size, and preorder

Time to prep your gear, soldier, because Modern Warfare 3 is nearly here and preloading is about to begin. Here's all the intel to get you prepared for war.
An Ikran flies over Pandora in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’s intricate open-world is worthy of the films

We played two hours of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, getting a great feel for its gorgeous recreation of Pandora.
Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 2023 front view showing display and keyboard deck.

One of the best gaming laptops you can buy is $330 off right now

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 with the Nvidia RTX 4050 graphics card is down to $1,100 from Best Buy, for a chance to get one of the best gaming laptops for cheap.
Alienware Aurora R15 placed at an angle on a table.

Save $500 on this Alienware gaming PC with an RTX 4090, 32GB of RAM

The Alienware Aurora R15 gaming desktop with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and 32GB of RAM is currently available from Dell with an $500 discount.
Nunu and Willump roll wolves down a hill in a snowball.

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story review: Riot Forge’s best game yet

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story is an emotional puzzle-platformer and the best League of Legends spinoff yet.
Wonder Flower in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Our 10 favorite Wonder Effects in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

From Piranha Plants on Parade to Evade the Seeker Bullet Bills, these are Digital Trends' favorite Wonder Effects in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
Alan Wake 2 running on the Samsung Odyssey OELD G9.

Alan Wake 2 is proof that more PC games need a potato mode

Alan Wake 2 is one of the most demanding games out right now, and it's a testament to the fact that more PC games need a cutback graphics mode.
Saga doing a deduction in the mind place.

I wish I loved Alan Wake 2’s most creative gameplay feature

The Mind Place is one of Alan Wake 2's more creative gameplay features, but it doesn't leave much room for players to play detective.
Three cute robots stand on a stage in Five Nights at Freddy's.

If you want more Five Nights at Freddy’s, try these 5 horror games next

If you want more scary games like Five Nights at Freddy's this Halloween, we've got five terrifying picks that'll have you screaming.
Alan Wake sitting at a desk with a typewriter.

All nursery rhyme solutions in Alan Wake 2

Nursery rhymes are usually tame and fun, but in Alan Wake 2 they are deceptively though puzzles. If you want to solve them all, you'll want to see this guide.
Saga stands in front of an evidence board in Alan Wake 2.

Where to find all inventory upgrades in Alan Wake 2

You can hold a lot of information in your Mind Palace, but only so much in your pockets. Here are all of the inventory upgrades you can find in Alan Wake 2.
Alan drenched in green light in Alan Wake 2.

All stash locations in Alan Wake 2 and how to open them

These supply caches can be a lifesaver when you're running low on ammo and batteries in Alan Wake 2, but only if you know where they are and how to open them.
Saga fights off a Taken in Alan Wake 2.

How to turn off those pesky Epic Games Store achievement pop-ups in Alan Wake 2

Tired of pesky Epic Games Store achievement notifications scaring you during Alan Wake 2? Kill them with this quick hack.
Goofy, Donald, and the player complete making something in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley leaves early access in December, but won’t be free

Disney Dreamlight Valley will exit early access before the end of the year, but it will no longer launch as a free-to-play game.
Venom perched on a rooftop.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fixes one of its predecessor’s biggest flaws

I loved Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, even when I wasn't playing as Peter Parker or Miles Morales.
Alan Wake stands in front of a movie theater in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 review: Remedy’s endlessly creative sequel embraces its dark side

Alan Wake 2 is a crowning achievement for developer Remedy, even if its held back by some frustrating gameplay quirks.
The HP Victus 15L gaming PC on a desk.

Need a cheap gaming PC? This HP is discounted from $830 to $560

HP slashed the price of the HP Victus 15L gaming PC to a very affordable $560. If you're on a budget, this machine is more than enough to get into PC gaming.
Alan drenched in green light in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 on PC is an embarrassment of riches

Alan Wake 2 is finally out on PC, and for as much of a PC tech showcase as the game is, it still carries a handful of issues.
Link and other characters from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is discounted right now

One of the best games you've ever played, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is on sale now at Walmart. Here's why you should run and not walk to buy.
Mysterio in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 lets its villains evolve in ways comics never could

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 treats both its heroes and villains with respect and nuance, achieving impactful storytelling heights that comics often can't.
Robocop getting out of a car.

RoboCop: Rogue City: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

We've done our patrols and collected the important locations to bring you everything you need to know about RoboCop: Rogue City. You have 20 seconds to comply.
A student waving a wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

When does Hogwarts Legacy come out on Nintendo Switch?

Hogwarts Legacy has launched on most platforms old and new, but when is it going to come to the Nintendo Switch?
The Lords of the Fallen undead scene.

How to get every ending in Lords of the Fallen

If you want to see all the ways fate can unravel in Lords of the Fallen, you need to unlock every ending. This is no simple task, so here's how to get each.
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