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All Word of Power locations in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 splits its campaign up between the titular writer from the original game and a new character, FBI agent Saga. While the two play mostly the same, each one does have some bespoke elements. Aside from smaller touches like each having their own weapons and inventory, they also have different sets of collectibles to search out. While Saga needs to track down and solve things like Nursery Rhymes and open Cult Stashes, Alan’s hidden items, called Words of Power, are more in line with his profession. These are more concepts than actual, physical items to grab, and must be picked up in a unique way. Not only are they worth finding because they unlock a Trophy, but they also will help smooth out the difficulty curve since they serve as upgrades for Alan. Our words may not be as powerful as Alan’s, but they can still guide you to every Word of Power location in Alan Wake 2.

How Words of Power work

Words of Power are environmental objects that only Alan can interact with. While exploring his section, you will be able to hunt down these spots on the map and find a spiral of words written somewhere. To “collect” one, you simply need to shine your light on it from the right angle — your controller will vibrate to let you know you’re getting close.

Words of Power are divided into seven types, each of which offers three different upgrade options in different areas. Here’s each type and how they can improve Alan’s skills.

  • Word of Fix: upgrades health stats
  • Word of Gun: upgrades weapon and ammo stats
  • Word of War: upgrades weapon damages
  • Word of Stuff: upgrades inventory space, shows resources on the map, or adds charges to your flashlight
  • Word of Aid: upgrades flares and healing items
  • Word of Action: upgrades damage done or lowers damage taken
  • Words of Lamp: upgrades your torch abilities

All Words of Power locations

Like all collectibles in Alan Wake 2, Words of Power are spread across each major zone you visit, with some only accessible later on, after you’ve made story progress or return before the game ends.

Dark Place Words of Power

A map of the dark place in Alan Wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

There are seven Words of Power to find in the first major zone you reach as Alan, but the last can’t be obtained until you come back after getting the door code that allows you into the Oceanview Hotel.

  • The first word you get is unmissable since it is part of your main objective. You will get a Word of Fix from above a door after you get your revolver and flashlight.
  • Taking the light in your lamp from the first word, backtrack down the alley to Caldera St. Station and use the light to illuminate a lamp above the staircase going up. This will unblock the path so you can get up to the roof and through a door. You should spot the yellow arrows directing you the rest of the way to the Word of Lamp.
  • In the northeast section of the map, where you find the sheriff, the word will be in the same room.
  • Head south from the sheriff and up some scaffolding on the other side of the street. This will turn you around and lead you to the Word of War between some air ducts.
  • Go south again, and power up the taxi with your light to transform it into a police cruiser. Enemies will spawn when you do this, so be ready. Go through the area they ambushed you from. The word is up on the wall.
  • After going down Draft Street, spin around and shine a light on this word on the underside of the bridge.
  • Go down to Wheeler Street and snag this Word from outside the Talk Show Studio by some garbage cans.

Subway Words of Power

A map of alan wake 2's subway.
Remedy Entertainment

The Subway also holds a ton of Words of Power — 10 in all this time.

  • Immediately after getting into the subway, you will use an Echo to change the environment. Once you do, the word will be on the train door.
  • Look across from the breakroom on the other side of a barricade for this word.
  • Take the light and carry it down the main tunnel and look behind a metal shelving rack.
  • After climbing the ladder out, spin around and duck under some construction. Look straight up to find this word.
  • Once you get inside the fire-damaged train, climb down the ladder, but not down the stairs. Instead, turn around and go around the corner. You need to destroy a wooden pallet to reveal the word.
  • Now you can go down the stairs and find the next word on the left wall behind a gate.
  • After reaching Shrine St. Station, head through the water and search the wall on the left.
  • Climb up into the train and scan the wall to the right to collect this word.
  • On the other side of Shrine St., the next word is almost impossible to miss as it’s dead ahead.
  • On your way up the stairs and out, stop next to the break room and look through the closed fence for the word.

Oceanview Hotel Words of Power

A map of the oceanview hotel.
Remedy Entertainment

There are only three Words we need to collect from the hotel.

  • On the second floor, enter room 224 and break the wooden plank to enter the bathroom and get the word.
  • While going through the hall, check for a glass panel above a door on your left. Through it, you can snag this sneaky word.
  • Take a break at the bar and look straight up to collect one more word.

Poet’s Cinema Words of Power

A map of the poet's cinema in alan wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

Our final three Words are in the Poet’s Cinema.

  • Once you locate the break room, go up the stairs and look at the wall behind a standing lamp.
  • Once on the roof, go to the spotlights and look down in the corner below a window.
  • Finally, the last word is plastered on the big water tower.

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