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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Search Party: Pipe Park walkthrough

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is home to so many creative levels teeming with unique gameplay mechanics that we’ve never seen in the Mario franchise, but it also features some of the most challenging head-scratchers in the series’ history. As you make your way through the game’s various worlds, you’ll come across Search Party stages, which task you with finding extraordinarily well-hidden Wonder Tokens within a small, but densely packed area. One of the toughest of these trials is the Pipe Park level in Sunbaked Desert. If you’re struggling to round up all of the hidden Wonder Tokens in this stage, we’ll give you the details below so you can add another Wonder Seed to your collection.

Wonder Token No. 1

Head to the very top left of the level. There is a pipe here that you can push to grant you enough height to jump over the partially off-screen pipe on the left. You’ll find the first Wonder Token on the other side.

Pipe Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Wonder Token No. 2

Return to the beginning of the level and go down the sixth pipe from the left. This pipe leads you to a new room. There is a hidden pipe located on the left on the bottom floor here, which will take you to the forefront of the room and allow you to pick up the second Wonder Token.

Pipe Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Wonder Token No. 3

Go back through the pipe to the main part of the stage. Now make your way to the upper-right section. Run to the left and jump to reveal a wall you can wall-jump from to find the third Wonder Token hidden away in the alcove here.

Pipe Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Wonder Token No. 4

Go to the bottom right of the level now and enter the very last pipe. In this new area, you’ll need to find two hidden blocks. Use them to drag the cord up and reveal the fourth Wonder Token.

Pipe Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Wonder Token No. 5

Return once more to the top right of the level and go down the sixth pipe from the left. Push the far right pipe to the right to reveal the fifth and final Wonder Token.

Pipe Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

After finding all of the Wonder Tokens scattered throughout Pipe Park, you’ll now be able to head back to the very center of the level to pick up a well-earned Wonder Seed. Keep an eye out for more Search Party levels as you play through the game, as each one will continue providing you with new Wonder Seeds.

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