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Beats Studio Pro headphones temporarily price slashed from $350 to $200

Beats Studio Pro, folded, in front of case.
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Headphone deals are looking super sweet right now at Amazon, including this massive $150 discount on the Beats Studio Pro. Only released a few months ago, the Beats Studio Pro look great and sound good too. If you want some seriously stylish cans for less, keep reading while we tell you what else they offer for the price.

Why you should buy the Beats Studio Pro

We were impressed by the ever so slick Beats design that the Beats Studio Pro offered when we reviewed them earlier this year. With a comfy and secure fit, they provide clear and balanced sound with lossless USB audio as an option. Via Beats’ custom acoustic platform, you get rich and immersive sound with a choice of two distinct listening modes. These include a fully-adaptive Active Noise Cancelling mode along with a Transparency mode for when you want to listen to your surrounding environment. Lossless audio also offers three distinct built-in sound profiles to help you get things sounding just how you like them.

There’s also personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking so that you can feel as if you’re placed at the center of whatever you’re listening to. It’s nice and immersive, helping you feel like you’re really there. Any time you need to take a call, you’ll sound clear too thanks to voice-targeting mics that precisely filter background noise for crisp and clear call performance. These are sure to be some of the best noise-cancelling headphones for many people.

While the Beats Studio Pro lack Bluetooth multipoint support, hi-res codecs, and even wear sensors, you’ll still appreciate the core experience. Comfortable, lightweight, and oh so slick, it’s hard to dislike them, especially while on sale. Up to 40 hours of battery life makes them great workhorses to help entertain you on your commute all week long. There’s also Siri support if you’re hooking these headphones up to an iPhone or other Apple device.

Beats Studio Pro headphones normally cost $350. Right now you can pay just $200 for a pair of these stylish headphones. The deal is at Amazon, and it’s a great way of saving a massive 43% off the regular price. Check them out now by hitting the buy button below before the deal ends.

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