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Businesses of all sizes need software to keep track of everything they do. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a pillar of a company’s software needs.

A customer relationship management diagram.

Best Salesforce alternatives 2023: 7 other CRM tools worth trying

Salesforce has taken the customer relationship management world by storm. But these Salesforce alternatives are solid CRM options if you want to explore some other options.
A mockup image of Slack's Slack GPT chatbot, showing the Einstein GPT tool suggesting a new sales opportunity.

Slack GPT: attend meetings, summarize messages, and more

Slack is adding its own ChatGPT-like chatbot helper called Slack GPT, and it’ll be able to summarize messages, attend meetings and perfect emails for you.
The Zoho logo on a white background.

5 reasons your business needs to switch to the Zoho CRM software

Zoho CRM is the ultimate CRM software for businesses. We take a look at what you need to know about it and how it will empower your workforce.
An Apple iMac running business software.

The best CRM software for your business in 2022

Looking for a better way to manage your customer relations in 2022? We've laid out the best CRM software along with their features, pricing, and other details.
linkedin antitrust salesforce marc benioff

Salesforce wants regulators to investigate Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition

Just months after Microsoft Corporation’s $26 billion LinkedIn takeover, Salseforce is insisting that U.S. and EU regulators investigate the acquisition.
microsoft linkedin integration ms 2016 06 12 1 c

SEC filing from LinkedIn acquisition reveals five suitors

SEC documents unveiled Friday reveal that there were at least five total corporations interested in buying up the business-oriented social network.

Salesforce Venture slashes tech startup funding

Salesforce Venture, Salesforce's VC extension dramatically reduced spending on startups in 2016, but has increased acquisitions.

Google talks social enterprise focus for 2012

Google Goes For The Business Market

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