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These embarrassing passwords got celebrities hacked

Many celebrities have proven that they are just as lazy with their passwords as we are. Here are some famous passwords that have leaked online.
keepass master password plain text vulnerability open padlock cybersecurity

Hackers may have stolen the master key to another password manager

KeePass is a popular password manager, but it is vulnerable to a newly discovered exploit that could let hackers steal your master password in plain text.
A person using a laptop with a set of code seen on the display.

Hackers are using a devious new trick to infect your devices

Two new website domain name extensions have just been launched, and hackers are already abusing them to trick people into downloading malicious files.
how to use imessage windows phonelink03

How to use iMessage on Windows

Apple's iMessage chat app might be an Apple exclusive, but that doesn't mean you can't use it on Windows. Here's how to do it.
A dark mystery hand typing on a laptop computer at night.

Microsoft just gave you a new way to stay safe from viruses

Password-protected viruses have long been a tactic for hackers to evade detection, but Microsoft has just unleashed a new way of putting them to the sword.
A render of an Intel Core HX chip.

A massive data breach has left Intel scrambling for solutions

MSI suffered a major data breach, but it's not the only company impacted -- all Intel users may be at risk.
A person using a laptop on a desk with a web browser showing the HubSpot marketplace on their screen.

This clever browser extension could banish viruses for good

Staying safe online can sometimes be a hassle, but a new browser extension could protect you from malware without interrupting your day or slowing things down.
An Illustration shows a programmer busy with a laptop and several monitors.

FBI disables Russian malware operation targeting foreign governments

The FBI has successfully disrupted a malware operation that allowed Russian spies to steal sensitive information from foreign governments over many years.
Concept of macOS dynamic dock.

This macOS concept fixes both the Touch Bar and Dynamic Island

These artist concepts imagine if the macOS dock behaved more fluidly, dynamically morphing to show background processes.
The Epson Workforce WF-110 printer.

How to set a default printer on Windows or Mac

Here's how to set a default printer on Windows and macOS to avoid the frustration and waste of sending a black-and-white document to your color photo printer.
A GPU with a fan.

The best GPU overclocking software in 2023

Interested in speeding up your GPU? Here is the best software for overclocking your graphics card, including first-party and third-party solutions.
A person using the 1Password password manager on a laptop while sat on a couch.

No, 1Password wasn’t hacked – here’s what really happened

1Password users recently got a worrying alert saying their password manager Secret Keys had been changed behind their backs. Yet all was not what it seemed.
A concept design of Windows 12.

This Windows 12 concept makes me excited for a full redesign

A Windows 12 concept showcases a full reimagining of how the next generation could look.
A person using a laptop with a set of code seen on the display.

Is macOS more secure than Windows? This malware report has the answer

The latest malware report from Elastic Security Labs lays out the security situation for macOS, Windows and Linux -- and the results might surprise you.
The MacBook Pro open on a wooden table.

The one thing the next version of macOS needs to address

WWDC 2023 is on its way, and macOS 14 will likely get announced. But AI is the elephant in the room.
Apple CEO Tim Cook looks at a display of brand new redesigned MacBook Air laptop during the WWDC22

Here’s why WWDC could be a ‘critical event’ for Apple

Apple will launch a host of new hardware and software in June at what could be the most significant WWDC show in years, with a VR headset top of the billing.
Person using iPhone and MacBook.

This little-known feature is my favorite part of using a Mac and iPhone together

Using multiple Apple devices together is a seamless dream, and this one feature shows that in action. It’s a great addition to any workflow.
Woman shopping online and protected by McAfee Total Protection.

This deal gets you a year of McAfee Antivirus for $15

One year of McAfee Antivirus is available from Dell for $15, down from its original price of $50. Take advantage of the offer for your computer's protection.
iphone x notch

How to back up an iPhone using Mac, iCloud or PC

Backing up an iPhone is just great practice for reinstalling iOS or recovering lost photos. Here's how to back up your iPhone using Finder, iTunes, and iCloud.
best income tax apps for android iphone version 1365165286 app header

Hackers wiped out this popular tax prep software as filing deadline looms

The IRS-authorized tax preparation software service recently suffered a JavaScript malware attack in the middle of tax season.
Apple's Craig Federighi speaking about macOS security at WWDC 2022.

This Mac malware can steal your credit card data in seconds

Think Macs can’t get viruses? Think again, as a new Mac malware strain has been found that steals credit card info, login data, and even your password database.
A lock surrounded by keys.

How to password protect a folder in Windows and macOS

Everyone has private data on their PC, and one of the best ways to safeguard that is to password protect it. But do you know how to password protect a folder?
Person sitting and using an HP computer with Windows 11.

Your Windows 11 screenshots may not be as private as you thought

Windows 11's default screenshot app, the Snipping Tool, has a bug that can leave portions of your cropped screenshots intact and recoverable.
password manager lifestyle image

NordPass adds passkey support to banish your weak passwords

The NordPass password manager has added support for passkeys, letting you log in with a fingerprint or your face and banishing weak passwords in the process.
MacOS Record Screen.

How to record your computer screen

Need to record your computer screen for a project or to share gaming fun with friends? Here's how to do it on different platforms via various apps and tools.
An Illustration shows a programmer busy with a laptop and several monitors.

Akamai foils massive DDoS attack in Asia that reached 900Gbps

The largest DDoS attack in the Asia-Pacific region has just been mitigated before it could cause any serious damage. Here's what happened.
Office computer with login asking for password and username.

If you use this free password manager, your passwords might be at risk

Researchers just found a new, potentially dangerous flaw within Bitwarden, an open-source password manager.
The MacGPT app for macOS Monterey and Ventura.

MacGPT: how to use ChatGPT on your Mac

MacGPT is an Apple ecosystem version of ChatGPT that works for macOS Monterey and Ventura. Here's how to use it.
malwarebytes laptop

Cybercrime spiked in 2022 — and this year could be worse

A new report suggests cybercrime increased last year, with some types of malware seeing huge increases. But there were some positives among the doom and gloom.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

LastPass reveals how it got hacked — and it’s not good news

LastPass was hacked repeatedly in 2022, and the company has just disclosed how it happened. The revelations don’t look good for the prominent password manager.
A close-up of a MacBook illuminated under neon lights.

This devious scam app proves that Macs aren’t bulletproof

Do you download pirated apps on your Mac? Be careful, as new research shows infected apps can hijack your Mac to mine cryptocurrencies virtually undetected.
A physical lock placed on a keyboard to represent a locked keyboard.

This major Apple bug could let hackers steal your photos and wipe your device

Hackers have found a way to break into your Apple device and steal your photos, access your camera, and even wipe your device’s contents. Update it now.
norton 360 deluxe with lifelock deal best buy december 2021 antivirus shutterstock stock image

Best Antivirus Deals: Protect your PC or Mac from just $25

Everyone needs antivirus protection. Here are the best antivirus deals going on right now.
An Apple iMac from 2019 placed on a desk. The macOS Mojave operating system is on its display.

Ranking the best (and worst) versions of macOS from the last 20 years

Among the many versions of macOS and OS X released over the years, some stand out as exceptional -- or exceptionally bad. These are our picks from Mac history.