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Jack Dorsey sits in front of a Twitter logo.

Breaking down the Twitter whistleblower allegations and how it affects the Musk takeover

You've probably heard of the Twitter Whistleblower by now. Let's take a look at some of the serious allegations in their complaint.
A digital depiction of a laptop being hacked by a hacker.

Hackers are using fake WordPress DDoS pages to launch malware

Hackers are pushing the distribution of dangerous malware via WordPress websites through bogus Cloudflare DDoS protection pages, a new report has found.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Google just thwarted the largest HTTPS DDoS attack in history

Google has confirmed that one of its cloud customers was targeted with the largest HTTPS distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack ever reported.
Magic Mouse next to a Mac keyboard on a desk.

How to customize mouse gestures on Mac

Just like a touchscreen device, you can use mouse gestures to scroll, swipe between apps, and zoom. Here’s how to customize mouse gestures on your Mac.
The MacBook Air on a table in front of a window.

This vulnerability allowed hackers to access every aspect of your Mac

Two MacOS Monterey zero-day vulnerabilities have been found to be actively exploited, one with kernel privileges and another that affects web browsing.
A digital encrypted lock with data multilayers.

Hackers could use this nasty bug to expose government websites

Cybersecurity researchers have reported that a vulnerability in the open-source control system Git has left government domains open to data breaches.
The Logitech Brio 4K Pro attached to a Macbook.

Zoom just fixed a major security flaw on Mac. Here’s why you should update now

Zoom spent the weekend patching a major security flaw in its Mac app, and the update is available right now.
Voice options in VoiceOver.

How to use Mac’s VoiceOver screen reader

VoiceOver is an important accessibility feature on Macs that can act as a screen reader or work with a braille display. Here's how to enable and control it!
MacBook with an empty trash can on the screen.

How to empty Trash on Mac

When you get rid of files, folders, or apps you no longer need by moving them to the Trash, it’s important to know how to empty Trash on Mac when it’s full.
Apple's M2 MacBook Air is super thin and light.

This concept reimagines a classic Mac app in desperate need of a revamp

MacOS Ventura brings several updates but the Contacts app looks and works basically the same as it did in 2003. A new concept shows what Apple should have done.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Hacking-as-a-service lets hackers steal your data for just $10

A new (and cheap) service that offers hackers a straightforward method to set up a base where they manage their cyber crimes has been discovered.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Hackers have found a way to log into your Microsoft email account

Account holders for Microsoft email services are being targeted in a fresh phishing campaign, according to security researchers from Zscaler's ThreatLabz group.
MacBook Pro

How to update your Mac

Is your Mac ready for an update? How do you know? Our guide will show you exactly how to check updates on your Mac computer and implement them effectively.
Here's what the MacBook Air's login screen looks like.

Forgot your Mac password? Here’s how to reset it

Forgetting your Mac's login is scary and, even with Touch ID, big changes to a MacBook still require a password, so here's what to do to solve this problem.
best keyboard for writers and typing nuphy air75

The best keyboards for typing and writing

For the best typing experience, you will want to find a board that is comfortable to use and helps you type faster. Here's the best keyboards for just that.
The Wiseasy point of sale system on a table.

Hackers stole passwords from 140,000 payment terminals using malware

The Android-based payment system, Wiseasy, has experienced a data breach that has allowed hackers to gain control of thousands of its payment terminals.
The 2020 Mac Mini, powered by Apple's M1 chip, on a wooden surface.

This classic Mac feature solved my multitasking problems

Hot corners on MacOS helped me replicate some of my favorite Windows features on a Mac.
A large monitor displaying a security hacking breach warning.

U.S. federal court system cyberattack is worse than previously thought

A cyberattack incident that involved the U.S. federal court system infrastructure has been proven to be an incredibly significant and sophisticated attack.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Europe just suffered its worst DDoS attack ever, but we don’t know why

A record-breaking distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack situated within Europe was attempted during July, a new report has confirmed.
A depiction of a hacked computer sitting in an office full of PCs.

Ransomware victims are refusing to pay — but is it working?

A new report has highlighted how ransomware payments to hackers have begun to slow down -- victims are opting to not cave in to demands from threat actors.
Universal Control on MacOS Monterey at Apple's WWDC event

How to use Notification Center on a Mac

The MacOS Notification Center provides an easy way to manage active notifications and access useful widgets. Here's how to use the Notification Center.
Two women video calling on their laptop with dog nearby protected by McAfee.

This McAfee deal is your best chance at cheap antivirus software

Protect your digital devices and save big with this impressive discount on McAfee antivirus software, which is just $40 for one year of the McAfee Plus plan.
A dark mystery hand typing on a laptop computer at night.

A data breach can cost millions of dollars — and you might be paying it

A data breach can be disastrous for any company -- and not just in terms of data leaked. The cost of a data breach is now at an average of $4.4 million.
A depiction of a hacked computer sitting in an office full of PCs.

This anti-hacker group helps you escape ransomware for free

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the No More Ransom project, an initiative aimed at helping ransomware victims.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Hackers now exploit new vulnerabilities in just 15 minutes

Hackers are now ​​moving faster than ever when it comes to scanning vulnerability announcements from software vendors.
A Dell laptop with Windows 10 sitting on a desk.

The latest Windows update is causing major printer problems

Here's how you can maximize the workaround for the Microsoft glitch on the Windows 10 mid-July update.
Brothers bonding looking at phone safely thanks to MTP.

If you install one piece of software on your PC, make it this

If you’re looking for a comprehensive all-in-one security solution, McAfee Total Protection has everything you need. Here’s what it can do for you.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

You’ll never guess what hackers are using Microsoft Calculator for

Hackers have found an unusual and unconventional method to infect PCs with malware: distributing dangerous code with Windows Calculator.
MacBook with a Quick Note in the corner.

How to turn off Quick Note on a Mac

Do you keep accidentally creating a Quick Note while moving your cursor around the screen? Here’s how to turn off Quick Note on a Mac for that Hot Corner.
A MacBook Air's gold finish looks great in low light.

How to use Hot Corners on a Mac

Hot Corners is one of the nicest productivity features in MacOS, speeding up navigation. But it's somewhat hidden away in System Preferences.
HP Pavilion x360 convertible on a white background displaying Windows 11.

Windows 11 is getting a major Mac feature soon

Microsoft's latest Windows 11 developer preview is testing a feature that takes inspiration from a popular MacOS function.
A close-up of a MacBook illuminated under neon lights.

These simple settings will make your Mac dock so much better

To get the most out of your new Mac, you might want to tweak some of these settings related to the dock.
Two windows laptops sit on a wooden table.

Windows 11 now stops brute force cyberattacks right in their tracks

Windows 11 now blocks brute force attacks with an Account Lockout Policy. Windows will automatically lock down accounts after 10 failed login attempts.
Cybersecurity is a constant battle.

Cyberattacks have nearly doubled since last year, report says

Cyberattacks have nearly doubled since the last year and the odds that you'll be affected are increasing rapidly.